What to expect
What we shall offer to you;
A friendly and welcoming environment to support your career goals
We shall be as fair as we can to meet your learning needs
We abide by the Data Protection Act 1998, hence all your information shall be stored securely and only accessed by those authorised to do so.
We will update your individual learning plan to ensure we have taken into consideration your circumstances to enable progression.
You will be assigned staff that are qualified and have the relevant knowledge and competence to support you meet your goals.
We will provide you with help if you have a problem or complaint.
We will also work with you to establish your career paths for the next steps to be followed.

Your commitment to us.
You will be expected to work on your assignments and any work tasks provided to meet your career objectives
You will be expected to respect the staff and colleagues of Limm Skills Academy ltd
Update us as frequent as you can on the progress you are making at college and Work.

Our Partners

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