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Limm Skills Academy promotes the value of learning and will provide potential, current and former students with Information, Advice and Guidance in order to support them in their choice of appropriate study programmes / careers. Information, Advice and Guidance will be available before enrolment and at all stages after enrolment.

All learners applying for a programme of learning with Limms Skills Academy have an entitlement to impartial information, advice and guidance (IAG) at every stage of their learning journey.

Information, Advice and Guidance is provided:

  • Before entry to learning —choosing a programme with Limms or any other provider, that is most suited to the learners needs particularly in terms of location, content, level, delivery style, costs, qualification, entry requirements, support available etc.
  • At induction — key information and advice related to programme, learning contract, options for course change if required, complaints procedure,etc.
  • On programme— advice on learner support available, possible progression/ employment This is particularly important during all Learner ProgressReviews.
  • On exit — further learning or employment information etc.
  • At any time — referral to the relevant partner or any another organization for advice on careers, work and learning that may be outside the scope of what Limms is able to

We are committed to providing high quality IAG to existing and potential learners. We will also recognize our own limitations and refer enquirers to our partners and/or other external agencies and services when the required IAG cannot be provided by us. All Limms Staff are expected to adhere to the highest professional standards in the provision of IAG.

To ensure that IAG services are accessible to all and are of high quality, we will:

  • Work towards achieving and maintaining the Matrix IAG quality mark and ensure that IAG services meet the standards within thisframework.
  • Ensure that marketing, promotional and information materials are comprehensive, accessible and available in a range offormats.
  • Monitor the effectiveness and improve the quality of IAG via:
    • Customer feedback
    • Staff feedback
    • Employer feedback
    • Partner feedback
    • Analysis of referral information
    • Analysis of Initial Learner Profiles, ILP’s, career aspirations and Learner Progress Reviews
    • Analysis of outcomes for learners
    • Annual review, renewal & update of information materials


  • Provide opportunities for Limms staff to obtain professional training and / or qualifications in IAG to ensure understanding of:
    • IAG policy, strategy, aims, objectives, procedures and performance indicators
    • Equality anddiversity
    • Confidentiality issues
    • Learner support, including financial support
    • Referral systems (internal and external)
    • Customer Care, Health & Safety and Safeguarding
    • Technological support
    • Information sources
  •  Develop and review partnerships and networks to support provision of impartial IAG and referral to appropriate partners and other external agencies / services.
  • Embed IAG in quality assurance, staff development and training and the performance review/appraisal processes.


Employer Engagement

IAG given as part of Limms employer engagement activities will confirm to the IAG policy as stated.

Employer training needs analysis, conducted as part of employer engagement, will also comply with our IAG policy.

Where required, staff will be enabled to access training to develop the skills required for employer related IAG and training needs analysis.



Limm’s overall IAG aim is:

“To provide high quality impartial information, advice and guidance to learners at all stages of their learning journey that is aligned to their individual needs and aspirations”.

All Limms IAG staff are expected to deliver this aim in accordance with the National IAG Board’s Code of Principles, to support learners and potential learners to make informed choices by giving IAG that is:


  • Impartial:
    We won’t only look at courses offered by Limms and our partners. We will help clients look at what other providers are offering. They will be told how to find out more — perhaps given a phone number or website address.
  • Confidential:
    Nothing from the discussion will be shared with anyone else without the client's knowledge or permission.
  • Fair:
    Clients will be treated fairly and equally. If they have a learning difficulty and/or disability, reasonable adjustment will be made. If their culture or religious beliefs require particular arrangements, Limms in conjunction with the relevant partner will endeavor to accommodate these wherever possible.
  • Transparent:
    Clients will be told what will happen. If, at any time, clients do not understand what is going on, they will be encouraged to ask their tutor/assessor or adviser to explain.
  • Accessible:
    We will do all we can to help clients access ours, partners and other external IAG services and support them in using them. If clients have any concerns or worries about being able to use our service, or those of our partners’ or other external agencies/services they will be encouraged to let usknow.



  1. To provide impartial information, advice and guidance to learners at all stages of their learning journey, these include; pre-entry, induction, on-programme  and support on exit
  2. To provide impartial information, advice and guidance to all learners that enables them to make informed choices about their options and next steps in relation to their chosen course programmes and career aspirations.
  3. To provide support that enables learners to develop self and opportunity awareness
  4. To achieve nationally recognized qualifications.
  5. To make a positive progression into employment or further learning and/ortraining.

 In delivering these objectives Limms staff  will:

  • Establish effective communication with learners and potential learners.
  • Identify information requested by learners and potential learners.
  • Supply information materials to learners and potential learners.
  • Assist learners and potential learners to clarify their requirements.
  • Identify a range of options for achieving learner requirements
  • Enable learners and potential learners to select a course of action
  • Maintain and improve information materials.
  • Provide access to curriculum specialist information and where necessary refer learners to specialist external IAG support services from our partners and other external services/agencies. Advice is available from, for example, trained IAG staff at partners, curriculum staff, learner services staff and senior managers.



All learners and potential learners have the same entitlement to reliable and easy to access IAG. Limms quality improvement procedures apply to our IAG service.

IAG will be provided by appropriately trained and experienced staff. Initial IAG will be given as per the diagrams in the IAG procedure.

On course and exit IAG will be given in a variety of ways:

  • As part of the Individual Learner Planning process
  • As part of Learner Progress Reviews
  • 1:1 learner support activities
  • By self or tutor referral to IAG specialist staff
  • All staff will receive training and be aware of:
    • The Limms curriculum/training offer.
    • The IAG support services available externally, particularly from our partners.
    • Their own role, limitations and when to refer clients.
    • When and where to refer clients who need IAG beyond the limitations of the IAG Service offered by Limms.


What front office/administrator staff need to do

What curriculum staff need to do

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