Information, Computing and Technology Level 2

This course helps Learners to stand out from the crowd with the skills they require to start and succeed in their IT based careers, whether that is direct employment, further education or an Apprenticeship.

the program is at a foundational or beginner's level, covering fundamental concepts in information technology and computing. It's a starting point for building a broader understanding of IT and can serve as a stepping stone for further education and career advancement.

Who is it for?

This qualification is a practical work-related course designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses.

This qualification is designed for everyone who are interested in exploring various aspects of information technology, seeking additional skills for personal or professional development.

What is covered?

This qualification looks at IT in today’s world and focuses on how IT operates, the key concepts and principles related to the innovative world of information technology and computing.

You will investigate areas such as:

  • Essentials of cyber security
  • Building and supporting IT functions and systems
  • Creating programming solutions for business
  • Software and hardware installation and upgrade
  • Creating a computer network,
  • Websites and games creation
  • Participating in a project and pitching a product.
  • Plus much more which will prepare you for the next level of your progression.

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