Diploma in Children and Young People Work Force Level 3

Diploma in Children and Young People's Workforce" at Level 3 is designed for individuals working in roles that involve direct care and support for children and young peoplefrom birth to 19 years.

Purpose: The diploma is designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge needed to work in a variety of settings, such as nurseries, schools, and residential care homes.


Content: The curriculum covers a range of topics related to child development, safeguarding, communication, and supporting positive behavior in children and young people.


Units: The qualification is made up of various units, each focusing on specific aspects of working with children and young people. These units may include topics like promoting children's development, supporting well-being, and safeguarding.


Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who works or wants to work at a supervisory level in the children and young people’s workforce.

What are the entry requirements?

You should be at least 16 years old. We do not set any other entry requirements for this diploma, but learners may benefit from having some prior experience in a relevant setting.


How many credits are required to complete it?

Learners must achieve a minimum of 65 credits for the Diploma.

How is it assessed?

It will be assessed by your tutor or assessor using a range of methods. This could include direct observation in the workplace, a portfolio of evidence, written assignments or a task.

Do you need to be working to take the qualification?

Yes, you will need to be working, volunteering or on practical placement as you need to show competence in both knowledge and skills.

How long does it take to complete?

You can usually complete it in a year.

What related qualifications can you progress to?

Completing the Level 3 Diploma can enhance career prospects for individuals already working in the field or those seeking to enter the childcare and youth work sector.

You can progress in Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (90 credits) or a Foundation Degree.

Which types of job role can you apply for on completion?

Completing the Level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People's Workforce opens up various job opportunities within the field of childcare and youth work. Here are some potential job roles you may consider:

  1. Early Years Practitioner/Assistant: Work in nurseries or pre-schools, supporting the development and well-being of young children.
  2. Childcare Worker: Provide care and support for children in various settings, such as childcare centers, after-school programs, or community organizations.
  3. Youth Worker: Engage with young people in community centers, youth clubs, or other settings to support their personal and social development.
  4. Teaching Assistant: Assist teachers in primary or secondary schools, working with children in the classroom and providing additional support.
  5. Residential Child Care Worker: Work in residential care homes, supporting children and young people who may be in care or facing challenging circumstances.
  6. Playworker: Organize and facilitate play activities for children in a variety of settings, promoting their social and physical development.
  7. Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support Worker: Work with children who have special educational needs, providing additional support to help them access education and reach their potential.
  8. Family Support Worker: Assist families in need, providing guidance, support, and resources to ensure the well-being of children and young people.
  9. Nanny: Provide care for children in a domestic setting, supporting their daily routines, education, and recreational activities.

It's important to note that the specific job opportunities available to you will depend on factors such as your interests, skills, and any additional qualifications or experience you may have. Additionally, some roles may require additional training or specialization beyond the Level 3 Diploma. As you progress in your career, you may also have the opportunity to take on leadership or management roles within the childcare and youth work sector.

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