Diploma in Customer Service Level 4

This Customer Service Diploma course aims to provide learners with the skills and knowledge needed to recognise good customer service strategies application at the operational level. This customer service diploma online course is intended for learners working in or new to the customer service industry and who want to expand their experience while earning a nationally recognised qualification. The diploma in customer service management offers customer-service expertise and understanding to learners who communicate with customers regularly as part of their work role and contribute to various work settings. You are not required to have any prior qualification or experience to start this course, just a passion for customer services.

Duration and Delivery

This Level 4 Diploma in Customer Service is designed to be completed online at the pace that suits you the best. This fast track NVQ Level 4 Customer Service course can take as little as 4 months of full-time study or usually 1 year of part-time study to become a Certified Customer Service Specialist. This accredited online customer service course is delivered through our Virtual Learning Environment which refines your customer service skills. Our online tutor support is there to facilitate you to achieve your success rate accordingly.

Assessment and Verification

All units within this customer services qualification are internally assessed by our qualified assessors and externally verified by the awarding organisation. The assessment takes the form of written assignments, witness testimony and/or direct observation, detailed guidance for which will be provided by the tutor. You will receive tutor support once you are enroled.


This is a thorough qualification of Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Customer Service, which helps learners enhance their career profile. Successful completion of this 100% accredited online course enables learners to proceed to the following qualifications:

Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership (RQF)

Level 5 Diploma in Business Management (RQF)

Level 5 Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF)


Eligibility Criteria

Learners must be age 18+

Learners must be employed in a relevant job role and have sufficient literacy and numeracy skills, preferably at Level 2, to complete this course.

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