Diploma in Business Administration Level 4

This qualification is aimed at candidates who are developing, implementing and monitoring administrative services within their organisation. It will support candidates’ progression in the workplace, particularly at management level, through the development of high-level administrative skills.

Entry Requirements

 Centres should carry out an initial assessment of candidate skills and knowledge to identify any gaps and help plan the assessment.

How many credits are required to complete it?

To achieve the qualification candidates must complete a minimum of: 57 credits


This qualification is competence-based, candidates must demonstrate the level of

competence described in the units.  Assessment is the process of measuring a candidate’s

skill, knowledge and understanding against the standards set in the qualification.  

The qualifications must be assessed by an appropriately experienced and qualified assessor.

 Each candidate is required to produce a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates their

achievement of all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit.

Evidence can include

  • observation report by assessor
  • assignments/projects/reports
  • professional discussion
  • witness testimony
  • candidate product
  • worksheets
  • record of oral and written questioning
  • Recognition of Prior Learning

Which type of job roles can you apply for on completion?

Upon completing of Level 4 qualification in Business and Administration can open up various career progression opportunities. The specific options can depend on individual preferences, additional qualifications, and work experience. Here are some common career progression paths after completing a Business and Administration Level 4 qualification:

Specialization in Business Areas:Individuals may choose to specialize in specific areas of business, such as human resources, marketing, finance, or operations management. Pursuing further education or certifications in these fields can lead to more specialized roles.

Management Roles:With a Level 4 qualification, individuals can qualify for supervisory or middle-management positions. This could include roles like team leader, supervisor, or manager within a business or administrative context.

Professional Certifications:Obtaining professional certifications related to business and administration, such as those offered by professional bodies or organizations, can enhance one's skills and marketability. For example, certifications in project management, human resources, or business analysis.

Higher Education:Some individuals choose to pursue higher education, such as a bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field. This can open up more advanced career opportunities and managerial roles.

Entrepreneurship:Completing a Level 4 qualification can provide a solid foundation for individuals interested in starting their own business or entrepreneurial ventures. This might involve applying business and administration skills to manage and grow a business.

Consultancy Roles:Experienced professionals may transition into consultancy roles, offering their expertise to organizations seeking advice on business and administrative processes.

It's essential for individuals to assess their own interests, strengths, and career goals to determine the most suitable path after completing a Business and Administration Level 4 qualification. Networking, gaining practical experience, and staying informed about industry trends can also contribute to a successful career progression.

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